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  Technical Specification of Sandstone:

Specific Weight = 2475 kg / mt3 (approx.)
Water Absorption = 3 - 4 % by weight
Frost Cracking = Free ( IS : 459 - 1992 Guidelines)
Acid Resistance = (3 % HCL) No Modification
Alkali Resistance = (3 % KOH) No Modification
Silica (as Sio2) = % by mass 92% - 95%
Compressive Strength = 300 kg / cm2

Sand Stone is a hard sedimentary rock which is resistant to most acids and alkali's. It is naturally compressed sand and silica-particles and the form of a solid rock. It has a high crushing and tensile strength and a wide range of colors and textures.

Sand Stones are weather resistant and can be used in light to medium traffic commercial areas for indoor and outdoor applications. Being weather resistant, sand stones can be used for garden items, landscaping and surrounding area of swimming pools. Indian sand stones is extensively used in commercial complexes, hotels, restaurants and special monuments. Artifact made of stone-screens, fountains, pedestals, columns, arches, balusters, railing have become popular. The present trend is to make these stone carvings in the best possible manner with man and machines.

India has an extensive belt of Sand Stones around the river valleys and plains of north India, mainly in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. No assessment of these deposits has be done as it is a minor material.

In India, Sand Stones are available in many shades of pink, beige brown and white color. We offer our buyers a collection in different variants of each of the shades.

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